Saturday, March 20, 2004

I don't know about yours, but my keyboard has a warning stating this: "Some experts believe that the use of any keyboard may cause serious injury." What I would like to know, is who these experts are, why they are simply believing that it can cause injury instead of actually going out an proving it like most experts and exactly how my keyboard or any other can cause serious injury, besides the obvious (namely someone bashing me over the head with it). Why even bother to put the warning on the keyboard itself, and on the top in plain sight no less, when they could at least hide their, at least apparent, stupidity (too harsh?) and put it in the pamphlet that invariably accompanies any and every electronic device these days. What makes these guys experts anyways? Did they write their thesis on keyboard related injuries, or is it simply a matter of using keyboards a lot, in which case could I really be considered an expert? There is also the matter of the great divide between the so called keyboard "experts". Why is there no consensus? It isn't as if it is complicated or anything; They either cause injury or they don't, so why all this uncertainty with only some "experts" believing in this. Also why must they even believe in fact, or apparent fact, instead of simply stating it, or thinking it. I thought that word (believe) was reserved for things that cannot be or have yet to be proven. Are they in the process or do newer keyboards have updated warnings and if so why bother to put a warning on older ones like mine when the results of the study were yet to be determined? Would there be a scandal and a mass recall of all keyboards if the studies show that they do in fact cause serious injury and why haven't we heard of this before? Everyone uses keyboards so we have the right to know! Show yourselves you so called experts and answer our questions. We demand the truth, credentials and why we should care!

Summary in seven words: Some things more dangerous than imagined. Experts?

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