Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patricks Day all, not that I'm Irish, or close, or wish I were or even celebrate the holiday or anything else but I never miss a holiday, at least not one I deem to be somewhat less than useless. From what I know, this meaning that I did no research whatsoever and everything I am about to write will have come strait off the top of my head, St. Patrick was a poor man wandering around in Celtic areas of Ireland among the "barbarian tribes" until he came across one particular one. This one had a policy, perhaps they all did, I don't know, of hospitality and always kept one house empty as a guest house for travelers to stay as long as they wished and do whatever they wished as long as they were there. This was how villages grew back then, that is when the visitors decided to stay, which they were perfectly welcome to do. So, this St. Patrick guy stayed in the guest house and lived among the "barbarians", liked their simple horticultural structure of society and so decided to stay. The people liked him and then I forget the middle bit, but it ends up that he converts (right word?) the whole village to Christianity (Catholic of Protestant I don't know, not even sure there was the distinction at the time) through his actions, just as the villagers convinced him to stay through theirs.

So that is the basis for the holiday ... I think. Well that is Sam's version of the basis for the holiday. If your version differs slightly, or in entirety I would love to hear it so long as you don't insult my version and tell me it is wrong flat out, because I rather like my version.

Summary in seven words: Patrick was just this guy, you know.

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