Wednesday, March 24, 2004

A friend of mine, who I will call Adam, mostly because that is his name, and partially because there is no way he is ever going to read this, or find out about it since he is principally against the whole blogging idea and no one knows him save perhaps two people that may ever cross paths with this page. I don't know if that sentence made any sense at all, but I am not in the mood for revisions tonight, not that I ever am, or that I ever do, but it somehow seemed that I ought to let you know. Anyhoo, this Adam guy, great guy, smart as a ... really smart guy (I was going to say whip, but lets face it, that is a ridiculous expression. When has a whip really done anything that could remotely be viewed as intelligent? Riddle me this!) and crazier ideas that I could never even dream of conceiving within the limited space between my synapses. The point is that he told me that if you tape record a lecture (keep in mind that this may not be one of his best, or even one of his own ideas) and listen to it in your sleep, you will get a better mark. There is however a catch, says he; you must believe it is going to work. This will increase your memory and cause a better grade on the next test. There have been studies, I'm told (as if I am going to go out and research this when I can take someone else's unverified word for it) that prove this to be the case.

My question then is this: If it depends on my belief, do I then really even have to record the lecture? Could I not just believe that Mozart or Ben Harper will increase my memory and then also score greater on the next test? A placebo effect of sorts. Did the afore mentioned studies test for this placebo effect when they were conducting this so called scientific study? Please, give me an opinion about this, or just something that you made up that may or may not sound good (isn't that an opinion Sam?). I shouldn't type the voices inside my head, I don't think it is healthy to let them be heard, but it sure is funny, at least in my opinion and I am told that I am a funny guy so I do have some credibility to hold on to.

Completely unrelated list of movies that I just saw and thought were really good (by just saw I mean within the last week):
1) Secret Window - If you don't like this movie, you should watch it again and then if you still don't like it, you should seek help. If that doesn't work, it my simply not be your style, but at least then we will know for sure.
2)School of Rock - Awesome. Can Jack Black say anything that doesn't come out sounding hilarious?
3)The Jackal - I like Bruce Willis, I can't remember how long ago it was when I saw it, probably beyond the week deadline but I am all for breaking deadlines, however still good enough to mention. It was in the really wee hours so I could be mistaken though.

Summary in seven words: Sleep listening improves memory, true/false? Movies!

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