Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Based on a rutual of poor time allocation and a severe case of rampant apathy, I have, however wisely, elected to blog instead of the actual work that I am, or more likely, should have already done. It is not that I have anything particular to say, or indeed anything at all, it is jsut that I really don't want to start writing essays and projects or do accounting homework et cetera, et cetera. I have written truly amazing songs on guitar while avoiding accounting homework (well they were at least good in my mind) and I sincerely think everyone should consider taking one for the simple reason that you will most likely boost your creativity output as you find new revolutionary ways of avoiding the homework for that class. This blog was likely an outcome of one such creative outbursts (I cannot say for certain because as I have menitoned earlier, I have a case of rampant apathy and don't wish to care enough to actually think back and remember if it was indeed the case). In any case, I must now proceed to class as for some strange reason my rampant apathetic condition doesn't seem to seep into the class attending portion of my scholarly activities, or in most cases scholarly inactivities.

Summary in seven words: Anything can be done while avoiding homework.

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