Wednesday, March 03, 2004

As I was meandering around this morning, after a very good muffin I msut add, minding my own business, this guy just pops out of nowhere and asks me if I know anything about gourmet chefery. Now there are two things that must be mentioned before I continue. One is that my appearance doesn't exactly lend me to be often suspected of being a chef at all, never mind one of gourmet standings. While I know looks are often decieving, in my case they are not as is shown by my choice of lunch today: shell pasta with a creamy garlic and romano sauce ... sidekicks, wonderfull things. I am fairly tall at 6'2", not fat yet not emaciated either, as of this moment scragley if not overgrown gotee and stylishly dark and rectangular shaped glasses. I don't think I look in any way like a chef, some say like a guitarist, which I can buy because I happen to be one, or a manager, which is less true. The second is that I was at that moment I happened to be just emerging from a music store, which also makes sense as has already been mentioned I am a guitarist. So why anyone would ask one who looks like a guitarist, or possibly a manager, recently emerged from a, somewhat subpar I must add, music store about gourmet chefery? The answer is of course I don't know, mostly because I didn't stick around and talk to the guy for any length of time, or indeed any longer than I was required to by the innate supposition of politeness would allow. Not that I am an unfriendly person, nothing could be further from the truth, at least that is how I like to percieve things, but rather because he had something about him that was almost but not quite entirely untrustworthy. Also if he was asking me, which he undoubtedly was, then he must either have been a complete nutjob, or desperate, or both, though I can see no reason that anyone should be desperate about gourmet chefery, so I must conclude that it was the former. I have no problems with these people in general, that is unless they start to infringe on my comfort zone, as he undoubtedly was six inches from my face, and start asking me silly questions in very unsilly manners. So all this to say I had a very pleasant, and I meant that in the most sardonic way possible, 16 word conversation possible. Long winded way of going about it I know, but I am feeling rather wordy today.

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